Thread subject: :: Spilomyia ?manicata/saltuum

Posted by Sundew on 22-11-2016 01:10

I have never seen a Spilomyia before (a wonderful fly indeed!), but I tried the key by van Steenis (2000) (https://www.resea...6019e2.pdf). As the hairs on the scutellum are quite long, I would go for S. manicata. The shape of the posterior yellow band on tergite IV also fits the description. - This species should have black front tarsi, but it is stated that the apical tarsomere seldom is light brown, which is the case here. So let us wait if somebody will confirm S. manicata or prove that my ID is wrong. In any case I have learned a lot about this interesting genus!
Regards, Sundew