Thread subject: :: Searching for hoverflies specimens

Posted by Valentin Nidergas on 23-04-2016 15:57

Hi everyone,

I'm a student in biology, from France, and I want to be a researcher in taxonomy and systematics; so I need to complete my reference collection. It's very important for me.

I'm searching for someone who can send me some echantillons of hoverflies from all over the world, in particulary from tropical regions (but Siberia and Nearctic is interesting also).

I am very interested about these taxa:

- Microdontinae subfamily
- Ceriana, Sphiximorpha, Monoceromyia , Primocerioides, and all other genera of the Cerioinidi tribe
- Graptomyza genus
- Coptestylum genus
- Senaspis genus
- Rhingia genus
- Platynochaetus genus
- Platycheirus, Melanostoma and Sphaerophoria genera
- Sphecomyia genus
- etc....... :)

please contact me by email:
Thanks in advance !!

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