Thread subject: :: meet the family

Posted by Tony Irwin on 24-06-2007 15:20

As some of you have expressed interest in my new avatar, I thought you'd like to meet the rest of the family, so I compiled a group photo... ;)

Posted by crex on 24-06-2007 15:38

Very funny looking :D

Posted by Tony T on 24-06-2007 17:20

Right, you are the good-looking one; so which one is the wife?

Posted by jorgemotalmeida on 24-06-2007 17:46

:) loool
Even the larva can appears so cool. ;) This is a great example! :)

Posted by Isidro on 24-06-2007 18:35

Oooohh what a curious family!!!! It looks like some Star Wars "people"!

And the dad? (first one) eating a chocolate ice-cream with nuts... :)