Thread subject: :: I can't submit pictures for the gallery

Posted by Isidro on 19-06-2007 14:44

After some months registered in this forum, I found the button that says "Submit Photo for Gallery". Very happy, I tried yesterday uploead my few photos but appear a message saying:

"Your Photo could not be submitted

Submit another Link"

The size is correct, and I uploaded directly from my PC through the button "Examine".

I thinked that my pictuires maybe was waiting moderation and I waited to today, but I see that are new pictures in the gallery and not the mines.

I read about post with similar problem in this forum but no one was the same and I don't know how to upload now.

I have few pictures but some species that aren't in the gallery and for this reason I want help to make these gallery more useful.

I hope that somebody can help me.

Thanks in advance. Regards ;)

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Posted by crex on 19-06-2007 15:37

There is a problem in PHP-Fusion that you can't see if your submitted gallery photos has arrived correctly or not. I don't think Paul has the time to manually send a PM to all submitters that their photos are in qeue for the gallery ... I'm not even sure he tells if photos are rejected.

Posted by Paul Beuk on 19-06-2007 15:46

Maximum file size: 150000 bytes; maximum image size 1800*1800 pixels.
No spaces in file names allowed, neither are double extensions.

Very few images that are submitted are rejected (self-sensorship apparently works well) and those rejected are mostly part of a series, so submitters realise what has happened. Your images simply did not come through.

Posted by crex on 19-06-2007 17:32

... and my Greenbottles?

Posted by Paul Beuk on 19-06-2007 19:21

No beer arrived yet... :( Neither did any calliphorids from your hand... :(

Posted by crex on 19-06-2007 19:41

Actually it was Muscidae, but those are perhaps not called bottles ...
Anyway have a beer

Posted by Isidro on 19-06-2007 19:49

OK, I see that is not a problem. Thanks. I will wait for the pictures, then.