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Posted by Nikita Vikhrev on 13-06-2007 20:55

Gabor: I don?t mean your Gallery as an example of bad one. To tell you truth I mostly my own experiens which moved me from photografer to zoologist with the conclusion that phografer without zoological knowledge is useless, but zoologist without photografic skils is not bad at all.
Paul: Of course, you are right, the responsibility for Gallery ID is authors. But it is you who dicide which level of responsibility may be done in every case.
In addition 1 - our large society find sooner or later any misID.
In addition 2 - it seems to me that most of easy photografed and easy identified species are in Gallery yet and every next step will be more difficult in future.

Thank you all for your opinions. I need some time to think its over:o