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Posted by Tony T on 12-06-2007 18:04

Robert Nash wrote:
Broadening our work too much may not be wise unless we can find a salary for Paul who as was the case with Meigen http://en.wikiped...elm_Meigen is not paid for his Diptera work - but may soon be better known:D.No web then.

I can't appreciate the problem. has 1 administrator (not his full time job) who seeems to take no active part other than fix problems if and when they arise. The site has 11,315 contributors with 455 active in the past 7 days. The everyday running of the site is by 67 editors (all volumteers). Since June 1 2007 there have been 3,300 posts (300/day!}. There are 7,003 species pages and 89,366 images.

should read "...full time job", putting in a closing bracket resulted in a smiley face !!

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