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Posted by Robert Nash on 12-06-2007 14:46

I was hesitant to mention Wikipedia but sometimes info might be best placed there.If the species is universally important and the information not too specific I "steal" info occasionally so it is not lost. Apologies to the anonyomous victims of shameless theft. At other times members have been very generous with photos which I never steal See http://en.wikiped...punculidae -read the description page for the credit. Always glad to get anything for the Diptera pages if this does not conflict with interests ( I cross-link wherever possible). More generally A problem is developing I sense. It is impossible to keep track of the many general data-bases for Diptera as whole.Broadening our work too much may not be wise unless we can find a salary for Paul who as was the case with Meigen http://en.wikiped...elm_Meigen is not paid for his Diptera work - but may soon be better known:D.No web then.

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