Thread subject: :: Diptera DataBase

Posted by Paul Beuk on 12-06-2007 14:20

Nikita Vikhrev wrote:
Our images in Gallery also mean det. lebel confirmed by Paul Beuk as administrator. So, there is deep difference between post ID and Gallery ID responsibility level, I think.

Let's put it this way: I trust the identification but I can impossibly know all beasties presented for the Gallery.
Crex put it quite nicely: I am a Fusionado. I am one for a number of reasons. First, as Xespok mentioned, administration is very easy and good, and, being a member of the in-crowd, I know it is getting better. Second, it presents a CMS that has all basic features included and offers the possibilities to expand it using so-called infusions while still maintaining the same overall look for the whole site. Third, the way the system works below the hood is easy enough for me as a relatively unexperienced code writer to still develop my own modules.

Submission for and administration of the Gallery might be less tedious, I admit. The next version of the CMS will have many updates for the Photo Gallery (though I do not yet know how many will be visible for visitors). One change will be the possibility to move pictures from one album to another, a feature that is in dear need at present. That will allow the option to create an album with identifications that need a final confirmation and make submitted images visible before they are positioned at the correct place in the respective albums. Otherwise, I want to keep the Gallery restricted to identified species in a way similar to the way it is organised now and certainly not expand it to become a portfolio for those who make the pictures. IMAO: The illustrated species is important, not the photographer (no offense to the photographers meant). The forum is intended for identification queries and may contain very substandard images (that would never make it to the Gallery under normal circumstances) that the owner still wants to have identified.
As to moving the images from the forum to the Gallery: I consider that the responsibility of the photographer. At busy times it would be a lot of work and at present it is at least the case, that the owner of the image is also mentioned as the one who submitted it. If I (or anyone else with the administrative rights) would do that, the name of the photographer would be replaced by the name of the administrator. Undesirable in my view.

And the Diptera DataBase: Well, talking about humongous tasks...: There is one. Maybe something to take into WikiPedia? Taking it into a true database would require a database design and administrator, an interface (web application) and something like a editorial board that screens all information. Probably very useful but oh so time consuming. Anyone willing to sponsor me seriously should write to me and if I can earn a living of it, I would be happy to start working on it.