Thread subject: :: Diptera DataBase

Posted by Nikita Vikhrev on 12-06-2007 12:00

Thank you for your replies, dear friends.
I?m affraid I didn?t explain clear enought what I mean.
1. The education or ID help is not the purpose of DataBase. itself to my opinion is good enought for education.
2. I mean base of pure facts conserning distribution and biology of Diptera. The fact itself may contain attached image(s) as confirmation or illustration or not contain, generaly it doesn?t much matter. This fact may be result of posted thread and consequent discution or may be posted directly for date base if discution and confirmation seem not required.
3. I also have to disaggree about our Gallery. Gallery of is not the largest available. It is the Gallery with ID one may trust! If we?ll send not dosen, but thousand images, than nobody will check the ID and we?ll get mixture of correctly and uncorrectly ID images. There are yet thousands of such images in i-net, sometimes nice, but always useless. When one put Det. Lebel on collected fly, one writes his name and date on this lebel. It is a certain person responsibility and reputation in such Det. lebel. Our images in Gallery also mean det. lebel confirmed by Paul Beuk as administrator. So, there is deep difference between post ID and Gellery ID responsibility level, I think.