Thread subject: :: Diptera DataBase

Posted by Nikita Vikhrev on 11-06-2007 22:08

In Jorge asked why do we love Diptera.
I don?t think that because Diptera is better than Hymenoptera (neither worse).
I think that we love Diptera, because Paul created this place. The place where we can show our photos and get name under this photos. The place where we can show our knowledge and improve our knowledge. The place where we made a Diptera Gallery the best on the world, I think. The place where we can meet friends. The place to relax even...

I have an idea/dream to make life of our small society even more interesting and more usefull (which is almost the same). It is Diptera DataBase.
What I mean?
I mean that a lot of images passed and will pass through Among them there are good percent of images with species level ID and this percent trands to increase along with our experience. At least this images contain (or should contain) information about date, place and person = the information on lebel on museum collected material. When Dr.X write book/article about some fly, he has this very information available via collection he works with. Often his own collection seems for Dr.X not enought and Dr. X has to travel abroad to look another collection. We can make collection available for anybody on line.
More. Dr. X works with dead fly and usualy can know nothing about biology of this fly. But our images are often live ones and can give rich information about fly biology, about everything ? substrate, feeding, mating and so on...
More. Sometime we are lucky enouthg to gather good information about some fly permiting to write short article. But much more usualy this information is fragmentare and finally we lost this information. DateBase will permit make this information available for Dr. X and he will write in his article, for example, that according Michael Becker ( S.strercoria feeds on flowers too:o.
More. I think that we have large enought and experienced enought society to ensure necessary level of scientific criticism for our information.
So, with Diptera Database we all will be able to make real scientific observations every day. May be by small, but real and regular steps.
Of course it requires some job. I?m ready to do this job.
Well, as a first step I should ask Paul?s aggrement to link this DataBase somehow with But, as a very first step, not to disturb Paul useless, I would like to aks members to tell your opinions about this idea, please.