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Posted by jonrichfield on 13-03-2015 20:09

A friend in the Eastern Cape of South Africa asked about this fly (some 2-4 mm). I live in the W Cape and also see them very occasionally, and I could swear that I Id'd them myself some months ago, but can trace neither documentation nor memory. I have an idea that it is an invasive fruit pest, but that impression is NOT to be trusted because I can find neither support nor denial for it.
Any ideas please?

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Posted by jonrichfield on 13-03-2015 20:10

Second aspect with bald patch.

Posted by jonrichfield on 13-03-2015 20:11

And finally with scutellar queue

Posted by John Carr on 13-03-2015 20:46

Rhodesiella tarsalis? It looks like Rhodesiella. The type species tarsalis is from southern Africa and I assume it has distinctive tarsi like your fly. Possibly many other species also have distinctive tarsi. I don't have any literature to distinguish them.

Posted by jonrichfield on 14-03-2015 08:03

John, BINGO!
My impressions from memory were certainly illusory, if not actually delusional. In fact I could hardly believe that it was in the Chloropidae. To the best of my memory, I never even had heard of the genus Rhodesiella. But of course I did a bit of surfing and found those striking scutella, plus mating assemblies that were more abruptly persuasive of Chloropidae than any morphology could be!
That was at
though you have to page down a bit to see the serried ranks effect.
Many thanks from me and my friend. At least I now know it wasn't my failing memory. :)
(Now all I need do is work out what it was that I REALLY forgot! :| )

Posted by von Tschirnhaus on 22-11-2022 18:21

Chloropidae, Rhodesiellinae: Rhodesiella spec. The hind edge of the eye is slightly concave, a typical feature of Rhodesiella, in addition the scutellum agrees, too.