Thread subject: :: Need alternative to stereo microscope

Posted by jakillenbeck on 11-10-2014 12:50

Although I have less experience with their application in stereo microscopy, I must recommend you avoid specialty devices such as the Dino-lite, Ken-A-Vision or Celestron LCD screens. They all employ inexpensive CMOS sensors, generally of small physical size, and surprisingly low resolution, particularly considering their intended application. It is unconscionable the price that is charged for these products. Please, do not buy one.

One is almost always better off saving the money that would have gone for such a product and purchasing a device employing a scientific CMOS, CCD, or even EMCCD sensor. Such cameras can represent a prohibitive expense, but there are alternatives. Modern consumer digital cameras feature CMOS sensors of a size well suited to their application in microscopy. If one already possesses a DSLR or mirror-less interchangeable lens digital camera take a moment to look up if there is software for tethered operation available (either third party or from the manufacturer). If their is, it's a simple matter to find an appropriate Cine Mount adapter for the camera which may then be fitted to an eyepiece of the microscope with a suitable reduction lens for the required level of magnification and size of sensor employed in the camera.

Battery eliminators are even available for many consumer cameras and one has the advantage of working with a camera one is already familiar with. I have used a Nikon 1 J1 successfully for demonstrations for some time. It is surprisingly convenient as the the camera features a HDMI output that facilitates connection to televisions and computer monitors without the need for specialty software or cables.

Sorry for rambling on but I quite love microscopes and hate to see the junk that is foisted on consumers by some manufacturers.