Thread subject: :: The most beautiful flies

Posted by Gordon on 18-09-2014 11:45

OK all you dipterophiles can I please have suggestions of the 20 or so most attractive flies in the world - for a talk I am going to give here in my Chinese University - so only flies I can get images of please.

Posted by Tony Irwin on 18-09-2014 20:31

For cuddliness it's hard to beat Cephenemyia. And for chic cuddly - Cuterebra .

Posted by jorgemotalmeida on 18-09-2014 20:59

This is among of them: Nemestrinus caucasicus -

From Turkey!

Posted by Piluca_Alvarez on 18-09-2014 21:11

Nasty habits :D but such a pretty fly ;) : Toxoneura muliebris

Posted by John Carr on 18-09-2014 21:25

Orthonevra nitida from eastern USA. Related to Chrysogaster, so it probably breeds in mud.

Posted by jorgemotalmeida on 18-09-2014 22:06

Cyrtisiopsis melleus from Almería - SPAIN