Thread subject: :: unknown fly ..huge head+chunky body

Posted by fleabag on 16-05-2007 22:30


Please could anyone help me to id this? found today in rural sussex uk ...maybe about 10mm ?
I was wondering if it could be a Tachinid...but im not sure...never seen one like it before.



Posted by jorgemotalmeida on 16-05-2007 22:34

i would say Calliphora sp. (Calliphoridae) finishing emerging from the pupa.
that extended face I think that is ptilinum inflated in pos-pupa stage.

Posted by Tony Irwin on 16-05-2007 22:59

Jorge is absolutely right, and the pale anterior spiracle, pale basicosta and orange jowls with black hairs all point to Calliphora vicina

Posted by fleabag on 17-05-2007 17:19

thanks for the help Jorge + Tony:)