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Posted by Nikita Vikhrev on 21-08-2005 00:08

Around Moscow, 20 aug, on tree barc.
I have almost no idae. May be Xylophagidae? But they have to have on third part of antenae 8 secondary segments, here - more, about 13.

Posted by Gerard Pennards on 21-08-2005 13:46

Hello Nikita,
This is a member of the family Anisopodidae!
If you look in the Diptera gallery on this site, you will see a picture that I took of a similar fly from the genus Sylvicola.
Yours could be from the same genus, but that is not sure!

Posted by Nikita Vikhrev on 21-08-2005 14:54

Waw! Anisopodidae!
Thank you Gerard, your photo is better than mine.
During Shtakelberg (the data is more than 35 years old) in European part of Russia there is only one genus Sylvicola.

Posted by Paul Beuk on 21-08-2005 19:25

Mycetobia (see here) used to be in the same family. Sylvicola has two subgenera: Sylvicola and Anisopus.

Posted by Nikita Vikhrev on 21-08-2005 20:30

Thank you Paul. Two question.
1. This one is Anisopodidae or as well Mycetobiidae?
2. In five years old book "Russian insecta till family" - if Anisopodidae, than Sylvicola sp. Correct?