Thread subject: :: Malaise traps request

Posted by jorgemotalmeida on 06-04-2014 12:42

Malaise traps: In the last year two persons borrowed 4 Malaise traps to be mounted in Serra dos Candeeiros. I only run 3 of them, but all of them were strongly damaged by sun, wind, rain. Now I only have one working malaise trap (small ones). The malaise traps endured from March to final AUgust and the big total was 26 big/medium jars. Four of them are with André Eck to sort out flies/wasps for several experts (they were indicated by myself to André); the fifth sample is with Andrade, and another one will be given to Ana. Several jars will be given to Jere and Patrick very soon. I would like to know if someone has one malaise trap (or maybe.. more) to be shared as my friend Francisco (he was the responsible for the collecting in the national park - we got permission to run the malaise traps) requested more malaise traps, however , I only have more one... If you are interested drop me a private message and I can give the address. Those who are willing to borrow malaise(s) trap(s), of course, then I would give several collected samples after the season. The main aim is to update and rise our Portuguese diptera fauna knowledge which still keeps far to be fairly known!
Preliminary results (beta version) :