Thread subject: :: Pinning flies and wasps and some curious questions.

Posted by jorgemotalmeida on 11-09-2007 11:23

wow! :) Great input Tony and Susan! Thank you a thousand.

First: Susan, do you know in UK online stores that sell the proper paper for pinned flies? WE HAVE no specific stores near. Maybe only in Oporto (200 km) and Lisbon (300 km).

For printers, I know that to liquify the toners it is need temepratures over 300 ?C impressive! That's why the paper printed get out so warm. :D
I need special paper for LASER (I have a friend that have access to one -
samsung clp-300) that can keep well with high temperatures and have enough tickness. And it must have over 95% brightness. I don't know which is the maximum tickness for the printer laser I appointed above (in the original site they don?t inform (?) about the maximum tickness enable for the printer).
So: paper anti-acid, over 95% brightness, with a good tickness, and that keep well with high temperatuers... what a paper!! :) Is there this dream of paper?

The problem for plastazote is: if wrapped like a cilinder it is not easy to put in horizontal position. :S

Artsorb! I never heard about this. It seems to be better silica gel packs. I will ask for this Artsorb.

If I use a normal zip-lock bags, I hope that this is not harmful for the collection... you talked about "certain types of plastics, certain types of wood and dyes or rubber backings in textile linings are the worst offenders." Which kind of plastic? :S

Tony, usually how do you organize your boxes? You put many families in the same box? Or did you in this way:
1 - for your favourite families, you got ONE box specially for it, and then you organize the box in alphabetical order for genus?.
2 - for the rest, we mix all in the same box.. and just try to organize them in alphabetical order?.. or in taxonomical order, I mean, similarities among the families.
3 - or other? :)

Thank you.