Thread subject: :: Pinning flies and wasps and some curious questions.

Posted by Tony T on 07-09-2007 13:35

In North America paper is characterized by its brightness and weight. "Weight" is the weight in pounds of 500 sheets of 17 inch by 22 inch paper.
Standerd weights are 16 to 42 lbs. Regular office, Xerox, typing paper, is usually 24 or 28 lbs. So my 110 lb paper is roughly 4-5 times as thick as regular paper.
In Metric measurements, "weight" is the weight, in grams, of 1 sheet of 1 square meter of paper.
110 lb paper in NA would be about 400 grams/square meter.
Brightness varies from about 80% to an impossible 110%; most seem to be in the 95% region. Low brightmess values makes the paper look grey; aim for as high a number as you can get.

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