Thread subject: :: Pinning flies and wasps and some curious questions.

Posted by Tony T on 05-09-2007 14:06

jorgemotalmeida wrote:
for bottom of the boxes we can use:

5) plastazote foam - is it the same as styrofoam?

> I'm considering this : Plastazote foam bottom not glued by paper, glass top

> For wooden boxes, if I consider one... perhaps it will be in brown impregnated alder (mahogany)

This is getting too complex; let's start with storage.
1] The small units with foam (plastazote is the best) bottom are the UNIT TRAYS. They can be any size you want but they should be made so that when arranged in columns and rows they fit exactly into the STORAGE BOX or STORAGE DRAWER. The sides of the unit trays should be a little higher than the length of the pins. No glass top on unit trays
2] The unit trays are placed in a STORAGE BOX (STORAGE DRAWER). Same thing except that storage boxes are usually kept on a shelf, storage drawers fit into a cabinet. These boxes/drawers are slightly higher than the unit trays.
You can make the boxes to fit the trays or make the trays to fit the boxes.
3] My boxes have a hardboard top and bottom, the sides are made of MDF board (can use wood, pine is good if no knots). The boxes are made in one piece - 4 sides, 1 top and 1 bottom. The top (about 1/4 of the height) is cut off. An inner set of sides is glued in the bottom half. This makes for an pest proof box when the lid is on. See corner detail in photo.
4] You can have a glass lid if you wish.
It would be so much easier for someone to show you pinning, labelling and storing; difficult to explain in words.
5] My storage boxes hold 5 columns of unit trays. All unit trays are same width but are of 4 different lengths - but all combinations fit into the storage box.