Thread subject: :: Pinning flies and wasps and some curious questions.

Posted by Tony T on 05-09-2007 00:38

jorgemotalmeida wrote:
i hate foam. :S
but it seems that is very dry, hence very good to avoid fungi. And it seems that foam doesn?t absorve humidity...
The UNIT SYSTEM is the best for flies, is it right?

You can use cork instead of foam; cork is the classic pinning base.

You could consider making your own unit trays. Over many years I have made thousands. Start with acid-free white card; decide on the size of tray you want. Cut the card into the square or rectangle you want. Most easily done using a paper cutter (guillotine), or you may be able to get a box-making company to cut the card for you. Don't underestimate the number you will need. Get at least a thousand. Score lines with a sharp scalpel or blade as in the top figure, cut out the corners to get bottom figure; fold up sides and fix in position with tape or sticky labels.
I found it best to do one stage at a time; thus accumulate about 100 rectangles; score the lines on each; cut out the corners on each; fold and stick the sides.
The scoring of the lines is done most efficiently by using a jig; then you simple slide the card in, score one line, rotate the card and score another line etc. etc.
I have forgotten how long it takes to make 1 tray but a morning's work of 4 hours should get you about 100 trays. Then you have to cut the foam/cork and stick it in the bottom of each tray.
Too much like hard work? then I'm afraid you will have to buy unit trays:p.

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