Thread subject: :: Pinning flies and wasps and some curious questions.

Posted by Tony T on 04-09-2007 23:00

jorgemotalmeida wrote:
The most important thing is TO AVOID fungi! :|

If you keep your pinned flies in trays and keep the trays in relatively air-tight boxes you can keep the flies very dry by using a small amount of Silica Gel in each box. This stuff will absorb an incredible amount of moisture. If you get the "indicating" form you will get a visual cue of when to replenosh it. Blue when still absorbing moisture and red when saturated (I think that's the right order). Silica Gel may seem expensive but it lasts forever, when saturated with moisture simply heat it in a hot oven (400c??) and it will be ready to re-use. A teaspoon amount in a packet will keep a drawer of insects dry if the drawer is reasonably airtight.