Thread subject: :: Pinning flies and wasps and some curious questions.

Posted by Kahis on 04-09-2007 21:14

jorgemotalmeida wrote:
I don?t have any backgrounf for the boxes, and it is important to have a transparent coverage. The most important thing is TO AVOID fungi! :|

Hmm, I have never had any trouble with fungi - but of course I live in a country with a rather cool & dry climate :) What is troublesome is dermestids. I have had relatively little trouble with them in my current drawers, but to be rule I seal the units with very valuable specimens in zip-lock bags for an additional layer of protection. Again, it does not look nice, but I'd rather have type specimens protected than nicely displayed.

The collection is housed in three cabinets for drawers; one made by a amateur woodworker friend, one bought from the local lepidopterologist society, and one which I had built by an estonian entomologist/woodworker and smuggled to Finland :p. One black, or white, one in oak. What a mess :)