Thread subject: :: Pinning flies and wasps and some curious questions.

Posted by jorgemotalmeida on 04-09-2007 21:02

Kahis wrote:

Therefore, the UNIT SYSTEM is the best for flies? Right?

Well, it is handy and uses little space. On the other hand, it is not as beautiful as a well-organised 'traditional' collection with neat little areas reserved for each species which the collector hopes to find. But then again, few fly collections are made for the visual impact, so in the end it doesn't matter much. Feel free to disagree :)

Do the FORCEPS SOFT helps to push the pin through the body of fly?

I have never used them. Flies are pretty soft and you do not really need to push that much :)

Jere, your main collection shows an UNIT system. And really, it is not for visual impact. :) However, I liked the way you use plastic sheets.

It seems that your main collection is covered by a mirror, right? I think that it is important to be very tight so humidity cannot invade the boxes. :( But...