Thread subject: :: Dead links

Posted by Auke on 20-09-2013 18:54

Since I didn't yet get a reply regarding my photo of Surinamese Chironomidae eggs, I tried to find some experts via the links provided on the lefthand side of this forum. There appear to be many dead links however:

under 'Dipterist's communication':
- the link to the Chironomid Listserver is dead

under 'Dipterist's directories':
- the link to the Directory of South American Dipterists is dead
- the link to the Directory of chironomid workers is also dead

Maybe someone can check and repair these links?

Thanks in advance,


Posted by Auke on 28-09-2015 03:37

The first link (to the Chironomid Listserver) is now functional but the other two links are still (or again) dead.

Posted by Paul Beuk on 28-09-2015 11:57

They seem to have gone off-line. I removed the links. Thanks.