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Posted by cosmln on 10-04-2007 11:39


this is a small fly (3-4 mm) found sunbathing on a fallen tree.
i really don't know anything about this (family or ...).

photographed in 4 april 2007 close to Nucsoara (Retezat Mountain) (~700 m).
maybe an ID?
two photos

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second photo

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Posted by Nikita Vikhrev on 10-04-2007 13:41

Egle (ciliata/brevicornis).

Posted by cosmln on 10-04-2007 15:07

Nikita Vikhrev wrote:
Egle (ciliata/brevicornis).

thank you Nikita,

is possible to narrow this at species level? you need some part to be bigger in the photo (except genitalia)? or maybe some info about habitat can be used?