Thread subject: :: maybe Pallopteridae?

Posted by Louis Boumans on 29-07-2005 18:35

or Lauxaniidae? I was iunable to indentify this flies' family. It keys out as Sepsidea,which is obviously wrong.
No vibrissae,
postoccellair bristles sligtly divergent, almost parallel,
protruding clypeus,
costa interrupted at Sc
anal vein does not reach costa.

It matches the description of Eurygnathomyia quite well, except for the anal vein.

Please help!

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Posted by Jan Willem on 29-07-2005 21:15

Hi Louis,

It matches Palloptera umbellatarum (Fabricius, 1775) even better! The larvae of this species develop in the flowerheads of Carlina vulgaris and Cirsium vulgare. In The Netherlands this is one of the most common pallopterids. The spot on the anal vein immediately gives away its identity.

Jan Willem

Posted by Louis Boumans on 31-07-2005 13:37

Jan Willem, bedankt!
Cirsium vulgare occurs in my garden; i found the fly indoors.
No i'm sure it's a Pallopterid, i'll check again the family key to see where i went wrong.

groeten, Louis