Thread subject: :: Fly question

Posted by Andre Jas on 28-07-2005 14:50

Hello oncemore,

What kind of fly is this?

Thank you,


Posted by ChrisR on 28-07-2005 18:38

Looks like Thelaira sp. (Tachinidae) - large eyes, long legs. As for the species ... I'm not willing to commit ;)

Posted by Zeegers on 28-07-2005 21:14

I quite agree.

Given the location, Ruurlo, I have no doubt that it is Thelaira nigripes.
But I do agree that is cheating.

Theo Zeegers

Posted by Andre Jas on 28-07-2005 22:04

Thank you guys! How quick.
I might ask some more quetions in the future. Some maybe even very obvious. But I'm a newby, so bear with me sometimes.