Thread subject: :: Portraits of amateur/professional dipterologists

Posted by Roger Thomason on 12-06-2009 09:18

Tony Irwin wrote:
Roger : [thinks] "I must get some new headphones for my Walkman ... then I could listen when I'm standing up ! "
(Take it easy you old sod - and find someone younger to fall off your scaffolding next time!)

Cheers Tony...zonked out on pain-killers most of away from Laptop. Few photo's in the garden...nice warm day.

What is this "Walkman" thing you talk of...some kind of new invention in Norfolk...get one free with each purchase of a tractor? The County must be awash with them. The neckbrace does look like the old Jecklin Float Headphones, which looked terrible, but sounded brilliant.

I was taking it easy..probably why I fell...I'll be up a three stage ladder painting the new woodwork next year when it has weathered a bit, so I better write out a Will before that expedition. Regards Roger....