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Posted by Kahis on 12-03-2008 19:17

Iolaire wrote:
[quote]Kahis wrote:
I've heard that the Latest climate change models indicate a mild mediterean climate for Suomi in less than 30 years! This might be the most extreme prediction but it seems Finland is the place to be in the year 2038!

Stay where you are Kahis!:D

There's a catch in this plan: the weather may get warmer, but the days won't get any longer. And much of the predicted warming comes from increasing cloud cover (less radiative loss into space), which means even less sun.

So, welcome to the Finland in 2038, if you love 18-hour cloudy nigths and endless rain at +2C :|

For the record, this winter was the warmest since year 1900 (older records aren't accurate enough) by quite a margin. The south coast never got officially into winter, we passed directly from fall to spring...

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