Thread subject: :: Portraits of amateur/professional dipterologists

Posted by Kahis on 27-12-2007 20:45

I have no new portraits to share, but I do have something else that may amuse you for a few moments. I have decided to publish one photograph taken by me each day during the next year, starting from Christmas eve 2007.

The first four pictures have already been uploaded to my Flickr page. None of the photos taken so far is a self-portrait. I'll keep that in store for the bad days ;). But at least you will get some idea of who, where -- and perhaps why -- I am.

Edit: For the record, I am not a very skilled photographer, nor am I an artist of any kind :p So don't except to find much artistic value here. I'm creating this 365* set mostly for fun.

* As year 2008 is a leap-year, I can rest for one day :p

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