Thread subject: :: Portraits of amateur/professional dipterologists

Posted by flydude on 10-12-2007 06:07

Hello community. I am trying to learn how to do all this "techno" stuff. I don't know how to put pictures and things yet.:o
(Any help in this would be greatly appreciated)
But I can introduce myself anyway;
My name is Wayne, I go by "flydude". (It's what they call me at work)
I live here in St. Louis, MO, U.S.A., am a security officer and a pastor of a church my wife and I started here. I have been intrested in insects, specificly flies, sence I was knee high to an asilidae.
My main focus is of study is "what is the impact of flies pollination on the eco-system" and "Forensic Entomology"
So without being too long...
God Bless

P.S. If some one could tell me how to "up load" stuff I can put my picture here for ya'll.