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Posted by Hartmut Wisch on 27-07-2005 06:48

Found this fruit fly on a thistle (Cirsium sp.) at ~ 2800m altitude in the Rocky Mountains, U.S.
I think it may be a species from Europe, appears similar to an image of Cerajocera tussilaginis posted on this site.
I hope that someone can help identfy it.

Posted by Gisela Merkel-Wallner on 27-07-2005 11:20

Dear Hartmut,

I can?t see a picture.


Posted by Hartmut Wisch on 27-07-2005 19:14

Darn it, you are correct, Gisela! Here it is: http://bugguide.n...5662#19435

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Posted by Paul Beuk on 27-07-2005 20:50

Posted by John Smit on 28-07-2005 14:17

Dear Hartmut,

It is quite similar to Terellia tussilaginis in appearance, though it belongs to a different genus. It's a species of Chaetorellia. I don't know which species, for I have no list of the US at hand. All species look very much alike. There is a very common European species C. jaceae, but at this moment I can't tell you whether that species has been introduced to the US or not. I'll have to look into my literature for that.

Best wishes,

John Smit