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Posted by diphascon on 26-07-2005 23:50


This fly was the biggest I ever saw. SW Germany, June 2004.
Size about 30 mm.

Is it safe to assume it was Tabanus sudeticus?

cheers - martin adler


Posted by Gisela Merkel-Wallner on 27-07-2005 11:22

Dear Martin,

where is the picture? I can?t see it.


Posted by Paul Beuk on 27-07-2005 14:49

Follow the link...

Posted by Zeegers on 27-07-2005 22:05

Very nice !!!
Of course a Tabanus of this size is never 'safe', but it is a sudeticus alright.
Notice the reddish eyes: those are greenish in bovinus, reddish in sudeticus. This feature gets lost after death, so thank you very very much for the pictures.

By the way, the feature is Kroeber's, not mine.
I just revived it (Dazen en Dazenlarven, Zeegers & van Haaren, 2000).

Theo Zeegers

Posted by diphascon on 29-07-2005 10:09

Theo, thanks a lot for your comments!

martin adler