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Posted by Martin on 24-07-2005 14:26

Hello Forum,

can someone identify these flies, photographed in Germany:

Thanks a lot and sorry for the quality, Martin

Posted by ChrisR on 24-07-2005 16:12

The tachinid looks like Eriothrix rufomaculata - a very common species that usually dominates the tachinid fauna in mid summer. It is highly variable with varying degrees of red on the abdomen and both large and small specimens, however it usually has: slightly smokey wings with a petiole and large costal spine; and a silvery face with projecting mouth edge. You should see it in any grassy habitat where crambid moths occur - they are the presumed host.

Not sure about the other one, but it looks like a sarcophagid :)

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Posted by Zeegers on 25-07-2005 08:18

Hi Martin (and Chris),

The upper one looks like Eriothrix, but is actually is Mintho rufiventris.
The long legs give it away, as do the conspicuously compressed fore-tarsi (well visible on the picture), a general feature of (female) Minthoini. Also, the long appendix to the bend of vein R4+5 is characteristic. Eriothrix has a projecting mouthmargin, Mintho doesn't.

The second one is a female Stomorhina lunata, a very aberrant Calliphoridae. Typically an autumn species. It has been found regularly in Central Europe only for the last 10 years or so. It is also highly migratory. The larvae live from eggs of grasshoppers.

Theo Zeegers

Posted by ChrisR on 28-07-2005 18:44

Thanks Theo ... I did wonder about Mintho, but I had managed to convince myself that the photo showed a projecting mouth edge ... grrrr :D

Posted by Zeegers on 28-07-2005 21:12

Hi Chris,
Don't take it personal, it is almost impossible to see from this angle.
The slender legs, yes even more so than in Eriothrix, give Mintho away.
Look for this species on windows indoors !!

Good luck