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Posted by Ben Hamers on 24-07-2005 10:31


This one is from last week, Heerlen. It doesn't look very distinctive but I hope you can make something out of it.


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Posted by Menno Reemer on 24-07-2005 13:49

Although I'm not an expert on Tachinidae, this one looks distinctive enough for me to guess it is Ernestia anthophila, because of the protruding mouth edge, the dusting on tergites 2 and 3 and the lack of dusting on tergite 4.

Posted by ChrisR on 24-07-2005 16:08

Yeah, Eurithia anthophila would be my guess because it is the commonest of the species that look like this. However, dusting is a tricky feature to go on, in my experience. With this group I prefer to always check the male genitalia, which are very spectacular and very easy to distinguish ... except in photos!! :D

Posted by Ben Hamers on 24-07-2005 21:42


Thanks to you both for your help, and my apologies to the animal for calling it undistinctive.


Posted by Zeegers on 25-07-2005 08:14

Congratulations, Menno and Chris, with the identification.

I also have no doubt this is Eurithia anthophila.
Common on Heracleum and other umbelliferae in August