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Posted by Di-dier on 13-03-2007 22:04


I have a question for the webmaster: I can't update my profile with the picture I try to use as an avatar... nevertheless this picture has a maximum size of 99 pixels, 13 kbytes, jpeg format. Each time I try I have the message "profile successfully updates".

What's wrong?

Thank you

Posted by Di-dier on 13-03-2007 22:11

Sorry, I made a mistake: it's 13 ko

Posted by Paul Beuk on 14-03-2007 23:49

Make sure the name has no spaces, extra dots, or other 'irregular' characters, and try again. Otherwise, send it to me by email and I will fix it for you.

Posted by Di-dier on 15-03-2007 18:13

I have renamed my picture with no result. I sent it by name. Thank you for your help. Let me know where I was wrong.