Thread subject: :: Fly(zzz) on ARCTIUM LAPPA

Posted by elck on 21-07-2005 14:24

I only ever see them on this plant.

What are they called when they are at home?

Posted by Paul Beuk on 21-07-2005 19:23

I guess that would be Terellia tussilaginis of the Tephritidae. John Smit or someone else will correct me when I am wrong. ;)

Posted by Kahis on 23-07-2005 15:50


Just mentioning that T. tussilaginis breeds in the flowerheads of Arctium and overwinter in the flowerheads as fully grown larvae or puparia. They are very easy to rear: just collect some of the flowerheads in mid-winter and put them in a large plastic bag in room temperature. In a few weeks you'll see the first wave of parasite wasps emerging. Several other waves of parasites will follow and finally, a few months later, the flies will hatch. No special care is needed, just open the bags every now and let some fresh air in. Breeding insects doesn't get much easier than that :)


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Posted by elck on 23-07-2005 17:01

Although I am not immediately sure what to do with these flies! ;)

But interesting to hear about the parasites' parasites!

Does anyone know if these babes have a dutch name?
Grote klisboorvlieg springs to mind?

Posted by Kahis on 24-07-2005 13:09

Forget about the 'parasite parasites'. That was just my brainfart, I wasn't talking about hyperparasites.

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Posted by John Smit on 28-07-2005 13:18

It's absolutely a couple of Terellia tussilaginis.

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