Thread subject: :: Melangyna cincta or Epistrophe melanostoma or ??

Posted by kuv on 07-11-2012 15:23

Dates: Germany, Schleswig-Holstein, Schenefeld near Hamburg, in an uncultivated area, 25 msm, Outsidefoto: kuv, 19th of April 2012, about 11 am. I think it could be Melangyna cincta or Epistrophe melanostoma, but I'm only an amateur. ID possible? Please help.
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Posted by kuv on 07-11-2012 15:25

Second picture:

Posted by magnusp on 12-11-2012 13:45

With the triangular yellow spots on T2 it should be Fagisyrphus cinctus.


Posted by kuv on 12-11-2012 19:40

Thank you very much, Magnus.:) :) :)
Best regards Kuv

Posted by Gerard Pennards on 16-11-2012 23:15

Or, as it is called usually, Melangyna cincta.....

Posted by kuv on 17-11-2012 12:07

Thank you, Gerard, that's very good for obviousness.
Regards Kuv