Thread subject: :: Bombyliidae: Exoprosopa jacchus or cleomene?

Posted by Mario_Finkel on 16-08-2012 11:16

Hello everybody,

I found this bee-fly in Baden-Württemberg (Germany) near the Swiss border.

In the net I found the very good key of Mark Van Veen and with this I found out that my fly belongs to the genus Exoprosopa (at least I hope that this is right ^^). I can´t really decide if it is Exoprosopa jacchus or E. cleomene.

Can anyone help me with this case? Is it possible to determine the species? Occur both species in southern Germany?

Thanks in advance for help!

Best regards,

Location: Germany, Baden-Württemberg, Kreis Waldshut, Schmitzingen Wiese, 17. July 2012 (Photo: Mario Finkel)