Thread subject: :: What Use are Diptera Galleries?

Posted by Paul Beuk on 12-02-2007 20:24

Basically the following applies:
1. I do not start hunting down the users to have them submit their pictures to the Gallery. The user should decide if (s)he wants to have them there.
2. Some time may pass before all submitted pictures are actually added to the Gallery for a number of reasons:
a. I simply do not have the time for a few days. And even if I have the time, to keep the separate Albums organised I have to move the images so that alphabetical order is maintained.
b. I try to approve at most 10 pictures a day, becasue then daily visitors can simply check the Latest Photo Additions panel to see what images are new.
3. I may decide to ditch an image of poorer quality if a new image is submitted or just decide not to approve an image for the Gallery becasue it is not according to the Gallery's standard. Please note that some poorer pictures may still be approved if no other images are available or if a certain feature happens to be well illustrated though the remainder of the image is crap.
4. A submitted image may be put on hold because there are some questions about the identity.