Thread subject: :: A key-question about diptera identification.

Posted by skrylten on 03-07-2012 20:03

As new to the diptera-world I find it very frustrating to find useful, and easy to access, keys to identify my diptera-finds.
I decided to (as a start and for private use), make a digital html-revision of " A key to the families of british diptera" and Fonsecas Muscidae key in "Handbooks for the identification of British insects", with explaining photos from "".

Shouldn´t it be possible to have a "joint-venture" on to create a seed, for a key, with all the experts and photos on this site ?

Would it be technically possible ?
Any interest, or is it just me that struggles with keys ?
Any copyright problems ?

I attach an image of "my" Phaoiini key as an example...

/Leif K