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Posted by ChrisR on 12-05-2012 21:47

Mark-uk wrote:
Still sifting through it all - On the Tachinind front also lots of hempitera - I have Siphona sp. So far -Some nice hoverflies - Fungas knats in very large numbers. and a nice Myopa sp.

Yes, it seems to have been a good day for the syrphid experts but I think when we get all the tachinids identified there will probably be more species than it might have seemed ;)

Still, I'd be interested to know how you all get on tomorrow. Steve & I called in on Denny Wood again and stood by the hawthorns and caught a few more tachinids. So it would be worthwhile going back again tomorrow :)

PS: if I have missed out anyone in the photos then let me know and I'll add their names ... I just never get around to asking everyone their names! ;)

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