Thread subject: :: BushCricket in many languages

Posted by Gordon on 27-03-2012 14:19

Hi folks,
A Katydid is a Bush Cricket that lives in the U S A
or maybe a Long-horned Grasshopper with an instrument to play.

Whatever, (Tettigoniidae) I would like to know, what is the common name for this animal in other languages. Acrida in Greek maybe.;) Transliterate please so that I can read it.|t

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Posted by Paul Beuk on 27-03-2012 15:57

Sabelsprinkhaan (sabre grasshopper) in Dutch

Posted by libor on 27-03-2012 20:17

Czech: kobylka

Posted by mossnisse on 27-03-2012 21:01

Swedish: vňrtbitare
translated to english: wart chewer

Posted by Gordon on 27-03-2012 23:16

Thanks people|t

Posted by Andrzej on 27-03-2012 23:43

Pasikonikowate in Polish :-)
Gordon ! use pls the webpage: http://en.wikiped...tigoniidae
Andrzej :D

Posted by clovis on 28-03-2012 10:19

Sauterelle in french (little hopper) :)

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Posted by Xespok on 31-03-2012 18:22

Sz÷cske in Hungarian.

Posted by MarcelP on 06-04-2012 11:38

Laubheuschrecken ("Leaf Grasshoppers") in german ;)


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Posted by Gordon on 06-04-2012 13:29

Thanks to evrybody.:)

Posted by BubikolRamios on 10-04-2012 08:14

type Tettigoniidae where you see blue 'dog flea', click to the right button

You should get pretty reliable data for anything (besides Tettigoniidae )

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