Thread subject: :: Species feeding on common ragwort (Senecio jacobaea)

Posted by Sundew on 31-12-2011 22:27

There are still more Lepidoptera caterpillars feeding on Senecio. S. jacobaea may not be the only food plant, other Asteraceae or even other herbs will do, too.
Your listed names are partially outdated ("Conchylis" is Cochylis, "Conchylis aeneana" is Commophila aeneana, "Epiblema trigeminana" is E. costipunctana, "Phycitodes saxicolais" is P. saxicola.)
In which plant part did you find the depicted caterpillar - was it a stem borer, a root borer, or a leaf roller? It could well belong to Tortricidae or Crambidae (there are some Udea species with rather similar caterpillars that are said to feed on Senecio; they occur, however, in alpine regions).
As I am no micro moth specialist, I recommend you the Lepiforum (http://www.lepifo...) where you surely will find expert help!
Best regards and happy New Year, Sundew

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