Thread subject: :: Species feeding on common ragwort (Senecio jacobaea)

Posted by Gerrit Oehm on 31-12-2011 19:31

Which species feed on common ragwort (Senecio jacobaea)? (in Germany and neighbour countrys)

As I know it, there are


- Conchylis atricapitana
- Conchylis aeneana
- Epiblema hepaticana
- Epiblema trigeminana
- Phycitodes maritima
- Phycitodes saxicolais
- Thyria jacobaeae


- Longitarsus jacobaeae
-Longitarsus dorsalis

I found as well a member of the Lepidoptera - Hepialidae? family,
but I was not able to identify it (see attachement).

Where I live, in northern Germany, we have growing numbers of common ragwort. Consequential the population of Thyria jacobaeae, which is a Red List species here, grew.
Which is interesting is, that one regional teams of the German Society for Nature Conservation
had to combat the plant, because of its high toxcity and its expansion on grazing lands.