Thread subject: :: Merry Christmas

Posted by Gordon on 25-12-2011 03:28

I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a joyous New Year.

Posted by ChrisR on 25-12-2011 12:16

Merry Christmas to you too Gordon, and all on! :D May all your flies in 2012 be interesting and easy to catch! ;)

Posted by Sara21392 on 25-12-2011 17:05

Happy New Year And Merry Christmas to you Gordon, and all of friends in! All of the best wishes for you all! :D :D

Posted by Alexandru Pintilioaie on 25-12-2011 19:29

Merry Christmas to all of you :D

Posted by Tony Irwin on 26-12-2011 00:15

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope it's been a good day for you (or is being a good day if you're in the Nearctic or Neotropical!) ;)

Posted by jorgemotalmeida on 28-12-2011 14:41

Thanks, Gordon.

And I wish to all Merry Christmas and a great new year 2012. :)

Posted by Andrzej on 28-12-2011 18:33

A Happy New Year (a better Year to All) !

Posted by Andrzej on 28-12-2011 18:38

Tabanus like an Angel :-))