Thread subject: :: Liodrosophila

Posted by Nikita Vikhrev on 05-01-2007 23:54

1. It is the same fly (in same place) which a year ago I misIDed as "Mukha tzokotucha, Ozerov, Sepsidae".
2. Last trip in Thailand we collected a lot of this fly and 2 specimens of related fly (same or near genus).
3. In presens of Andrey we can exclude either Sepsidae or Piophilidae (in both cases Ozerov knows world fauna of this families).
4. Being in Thailand we thought that it is Formicosepsis, Cypselosomatidae. But in Moscow Andrey discovered that we did collected 2 specimens of real Cypselosomatidae - Lasiosepsis hamata, and it looks quite different than this fly.
5. Thus, still a mystery so far...