Thread subject: :: Stomorhina lunata

Posted by jorgemotalmeida on 05-11-2006 23:11

haematocephalus wrote:
Found Stomorhina lunata (Calliphoridae) in my garden (Buckinghamshire, England) yesterday (and thanks to Jorge for the picture in the gallery, which helped me narrow down the identity very quickly :), see:

Rognes' 1991 Fauna Ent Scand volume says "occasionally [found in] Great Britain but not breeding there", is that still true or is there any evidence of spreading north in Europe? Has it been associated with any hosts other than locusts?


thank you, Martin. :)

I will show you a photo I took in Valega - Portugal a few days ago.
You can see Stomorhina lunata and Episyrphus balteatus female. :)

to see it bigger go: