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Posted by BubikolRamios on 06-07-2011 09:39

I send SOAP request with for example "Veratrum album subsp. lobelianum"
what I get back is "Veratrum lobelianum".

That, I suppose, means that 'Veratrum lobelianum' is accepted name , and Veratrum album subsp. lobelianum is synonym.

If I chech that thrue their portal I get this (which confirms what I just stated):

The prob is that I have those two in my db as separate specieses and our vernacular names suggests one is green and the other white.

PESI names 'Veratrum album subsp. lobelianum' as homotypic synonym and even if I google for that nothing is clear to me.

Any clear explanation on homotypic, heterotypic synonym, basionym and do you think that
'Veratrum album subsp. lobelianum' and 'Veratrum lobelianum' are exactly same species ?

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Posted by Paul Beuk on 06-07-2011 10:00

Just a word of warning: this is about plants and botanical nomenclature is essentially different from zoological nomenclature in many aspects...

Posted by BubikolRamios on 06-07-2011 11:04

Ok, but works just the same on PESI. Yuo send one term, and get another (if they are synonym related) as response, no matter if zological or plant term.

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