Thread subject: :: dipterists active in Morocco, Algeria?

Posted by Louis Boumans on 14-04-2011 15:17

Dear Forum members,

Do you know any dipterists, or faunisticially interested freshwater ecologists active in North Africa?

For my phylogeographic work on craneflies related to Tipula maxima, I'd like to have one or more samples from North Africa. The species have been reported and collected a few times from the Rif mountains in Morocco and from Biskra in Algeria, but I have no idea how commmon they are in NA. Of course i should go and try to collect some myself. But time is always limiting, and perhaps there are actually people out there who have recently collected specimens. One never knows ..

Any suggestions on whom I might contact on this matter are welcome!


Posted by guilamb on 24-06-2021 16:27

You should look up Dr. Kwabena Ekua he is a specialist in that particular department. I believe last time I checked he lived in Morocco.


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Posted by libor on 24-06-2021 18:03

Dr. Boudemagh and his team from
Laboratory of Applied Animal Biology, Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences, Badji Mokhtar University, Annaba, Algeria
is working on mosquitoes. Try to contact him, good luck!

Posted by Paul Beuk on 30-06-2021 13:27

Please, check you messages on Facebook for another contact.